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| [[Seniors]]
| [[Seniors]]
| [[Accessibility]]
| [[Accessibility]]
| [[Working with Refugees]]
| [[Refugees | Working with Refugees]]
|}<h2 style="margin-top:40px">Sector Overview</h2>
|}<h2 style="margin-top:40px">Sector Overview</h2>

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SettlementAtWork Wiki

Connect and collaborate with your colleagues in the Ontario Immigrant-serving Sector. Find great resources and share your own.

Topic Pages

Teach.jpg Language Training Information, Orientation and Needs Assessment Information & Referral
Head.jpg Mental Health Trans.jpg Interpretation & Translation
Arrows.jpg Settlement & Employment Immstatus.jpg Immigration Status

Client Focus

Clients.jpg LGBTQ+ Women Youth Francophones
Seniors Accessibility Working with Refugees

Sector Overview

Compass.jpg Projects Agencies Community Engagement
Research Organizational Development

Recently Added

This wiki is a project of OCASI, the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants.