Life in the Family: A Newcomer's Guide to Parenting Issues in Canada - A Resource for ESL Teachers and Their Students

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Org: BC Institute Against Family Violence
Date: 2002

The purpose of the Project is to provide adult ESL teachers and their students across Canada with information and resources to address parenting and discipline issues that arise in newcomer families living in Canada, including legally accurate information about laws relating to child discipline and child abuse.

The Curriculum:

Newcomer parents will need to have a basic understanding of English. Exercises are written in simple English. The Curriculum is designed for a total of three sessions, requiring up to 2 hours of instruction.

The Material:

The material consists of:

  1. a video of three five-minute taped scenarios,
  2. an instructor resource manual,
  3. student handouts using beginner-intermediate level language, and
  4. suggested strategies for locating local parenting services and resources.

The Goals:

The Goals of the Video and Curriculum are to ensure that ESL teachers and Newcomer Community Workers and their students/clients are able to:

  1. identify issues relating to the parenting stresses faced by newcomer parents and their children while settling in Canada,
  2. discuss parenting expectations and practises from their cultural point of view,
  3. understand the prevailing Canadian view of child discipline in light of differences in expectations and practises,
  4. apply their understanding to the three scenarios on the video, and e) know where and how to access parenting resources in their community.