Let Us Talk About Sex (L.U.T.A.S) Project

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Link: http://www.wellesleyinstitute.com/files/Let%20Us%20Talk%20About%20Sex%20report.pdf
Org: Portuguese Speaking Interagency Network

The L.U.T.A.S. project sought to identify the current sexual behaviours, attitudes and potential health risks factors of adolescents and youth of Portuguese Speaking Origin with special attention to high risk and ostracized youth.

The project focused on providing recommendation and impact delivery models that build on effective intervention and prevention practices with potential to decrease the vulnerability of Youth of Portuguese Speaking Origin. It was made up of two phases:

  • Phase 1 - Environmental scan and needs assessment
  • Phase 2 - Community Impact and Service Delivery Coordination

This report is the result of Phase 1.


The Let Us Talk About Sex (LUTAS) Phase I was a six month project aimed at identifying the current sexual attitudes, behaviours and potential health risks of youth of Portuguese Speaking Origin (YPSO). For the purpose of this project youth ages ranged between 13-24. In all a total of 62 (YPSO) participated in the focus groups. The population was in majority between the ages of 17 to 24 in total 42 participants. There were 20 participants between the ages of 13 to 16. Thirty eight of the participants were female and twenty four were male.


The Core findings of this Project are organized into the following themes:

  • Knowledge of STI's/ HIV AIDS
  • Sexual Behaviour and Health Risks
  • Parental Involvement and Support
  • Sexual Education
  • Support Systems

Recommendations and Next Steps for Phase 2

Key Recommendations:

  • Work with the project "Raising Sexually Healthy Children" Portuguese branch project coordinator to explore the possible expansion and development of a peer training model project to work with youth and their families. As well as advocate for a review of the sex education curriculum offered in all public schools.
  • Mobilize the L.U.T.A.S. advisory group to develop a youth advisory committee, composed of youth of Portuguese speaking origin and service providers in the Portuguese speaking communities that will provide leadership on the design and development of the second planned phase of the L.U.T.A.S. project. This committee will lead the way in building community capacity, to increase knowledge, skills and mobilize service providers and the community, in conducting community based research and develop projects that are youth led.
  • Dissemination of the findings to impact youth program development and implementation. These findings reveal the continued need for sexual education with a prevention and intervention model. In addition raising community awareness to the issue is essential to create momentum and education. We will continue to work with the Portuguese language media to promote the project and raise awareness of the issue of sexual education. Also we will continue to invite community participation and share our findings to any party interested in learning and contributing to the longevity and sustainability of this project. Also to work with mainstream resources accessed by YPSO to raise awareness of the issues.
  • In addition to work on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours, future interventions should more fully explore the contexts in which these youth engage in sexual activities, the belief systems that inform their actions, and the strategies required for continued development of sexual health services that meet diverse needs.

Download Let Us Talk About Sex (L.U.T.A.S) Project in PDF format.