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Interpretation and Translation Solutions and Options

The content for Let’s Talk was developed in response to the needs and priorities identified through consultation with representatives from diverse human service organizations in Ontario. The consultation revealed that many stakeholders are not aware that there are a range of options and solutions available for providing interpretation and translation services. While face to face interpretation is commonly understood and used by service providers, other solutions are available.

This section presents information that can help service providers to better understand and assess the range of options and solutions available on the basis of:

  • Affordability – can the organization afford one option compared to another
  • Appropriateness – which option (s) is appropriate to use given the nature of the service/client interaction
  • Technological capacity – what is the current/future capacity of the organization to use the option

We hope that you and your organization can draw upon this to develop and deliver reliable, high quality interpretation services.

We recognize that there may be other options and solutions that have not been captured here. We welcome you to add to this section. Please feel free to:

  • Comment on the content you see;
  • Update this section with information about other options and solutions;
  • Share related information that you find.

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