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The content for Let’s Talk was developed in response to the needs and priorities identified through consultation with representatives from diverse human service organizations in Ontario. The consultation revealed that many stakeholders are not aware that there are standards and guidelines which specify the requirements for the provision of quality community interpreting services to ensure reliability in the provision of such services. Further, the consultations demonstrated an interest on the part of service providers for increased access to this information.

This section contains standards and guidelines that have been developed in or apply to the Ontario context. Also contained herein are standards and guidelines that have been developed in or apply to other Canadian jurisdictions or which are national in scope. Finally, this section contains standards and guidelines developed and used by other jurisdictions internationally.

We hope that you and your organization can draw upon these standards and guidelines to develop and deliver reliable, high quality interpretation services.

We recognize that there are many other standards and guidelines available nationally and internationally and we welcome you to add to this section. Please feel free to:

  • Comment on the content you see;
  • Update this section with additional standards and guidelines documents;
  • Share new information that you find.

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Interpretation Standards Documents

File Name
PDF.png Australia-AUSIT Code of Ethics
Word-logo.png BC Standard for Healthcare Interpreting.doc
PDF.png International Association of Conference Interpreters Professional Standards
PDF.png International Medical Interpreters Assocation Standards of Practice
PDF.png National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators - Code of Ethics
PDF.png National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services
PDF.png New Jersey - Code of Professional Conduct for Court Interpreters and Translators
PDF.png UK-National Occupational Standards for Interpreting
PDF.png USA-National Standards of Practice for Interpreters In Health Care
PDF.png USA-Registry for the Deaf-Standard Practice Paper for Interpretation in Mental Health Settings

National Guidelines

File Name
PDF.png Australia-Guidelines for Interpreting in Mental Health Settings
PDF.png UK-Guidelines for the Use of Interpreters

Organizational Guidelines

File Name
PDF.png Access Alliance - Code of Ethics
PDF.png Access Alliance Role of Interpreter
PDF.png MCIS - Interpreter Offer Package
PDF.png MCIS-Tips for Working with Interpreters

Training Curriculum

File Name
PDF.png British Columbia Language Services - Role of the Interpreter in Health Care

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