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| [http://www.imiaweb.org/resources/legal.asp Link]
| [http://www.imiaweb.org/resources/legal.asp Link]
| Two Canadian articles about interpretation and translation errors
* [http://www.nationalpost.com/news/Translator+gaffes+nearly+dissident+deportedtoIran/5503101/story.html Link 1]
* [http://www.nationalpost.com/news/Translation+derails+assaulttrial/5422418/story.html Link 2]
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This section will help organizations to prepare an effective business case for securing the material resources and buy-in needed to provide interpretation services. It can be used by front line staff for presentation to management/administration or by administration to be presented to a decision maker/funding partner.

We hope that you and your organization can draw upon this information to develop and implement interpretation services and other programs and services that address language barriers.

We recognize that there are many approaches to developing a business case and we welcome you to add to this section. Please feel free to:

  • Comment on the content you see;
  • Update this section with additional information or documents;
  • Share new information that you find.

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Language Interpretation: The Preferred Option for Addressing Language Barriers to Service Access for Newcomers in Ontario, A Review of the Evidence

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