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The content for Let's Talk was developed in response to the needs and priorities identified through consultation with representatives from diverse human service organizations. One of the overarching needs expressed by stakeholders during these consultations was the availability of and access to more information regarding interpretation and translation.

This section contains a series of Fact Sheets that aim to answer the most common questions heard during the consultation process. These are:

File Name
PDF.png What is community Interpretation? What is the role of the community interpreter?
PDF.png Why should I use a qualified interpreter?
PDF.png How do I assess the need for an interpreter?
PDF.png How do I select the appropriate interpreter for the service?
PDF.png Who provides qualified interpreters?
PDF.png How much does it cost to hire a qualified interpreter?
PDF.png Are there guidelines for working with an interpreter?
PDF.png Who trains interpreters in Ontario?
PDF.png What are the admission requirements for interpreter training programs?
PDF.png What is the curriculum of interpreter training programs?
PDF.png Is there training for service providers who want to work with interpreters?
PDF.png What is the difference between a Community Interpreter and a Cultural Interpreter?
PDF.png What is the difference between a settlement worker and an interpreter?
PDF.png Can I deliver mental health/counselling services with an interpreter?
PDF.png Where can I find translated documents?

Please note that throughout the fact sheets the terms “Service User”, “Client” and “Individuals with Limited English/French Language Proficiency” are used interchangeably.

Let's Talk is housed at the Settlement At Work Wiki. The wiki a place to discuss and explore professional development information and is a place to discover collaborative work opportunities. As the information that has been collected for this repository is not exhaustive, you are invited you to engage in the development of Let’s Talk. Please feel free to:

  • Comment on the content you see;
  • Create new fact sheets of interest to community interpretation in Ontario;
  • Share content you find.

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