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One of the main challenges experienced by newcomers as they navigate the human services is language barriers. When services are not linguistically appropriate, newcomers are not able to access the services they need in a timely manner and often, not at all. Conversely, the main challenge service providers experience in the delivery of services to newcomers is an inability to communicate, and therefore the quality of services delivered is significantly impacted. This is the situation across Ontario’s human services, be it health, settlement, legal, employment, housing or social services.

Let's Talk is an initiative of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ontario Region (CIC). Let’s Talk is a repository of tools, resources and information related to interpretation for people with limited English language proficiency (LEP). Let’s Talk can help organizations better deliver services to immigrants, and provides information that answers these and many other questions:

  • What is an interpreter?
  • Why do I need an interpreter?
  • How do I use an interpreter?
  • How do I find an interpreter?
  • How do I make interpretation a practice in my agency?

Let’s Talk includes:

  • A directory of interpretation service providers and interpreter trainers in Ontario
  • Sample policies
  • Promising practices used by health, legal and education providers to address interpretation needs
  • And many other useful resources

Let's Talk was developed with the support of an Advisory Committee that was comprised of representatives from diverse human service organizations in Ontario, including community legal, community health, education, employment, settlement and community interpretation. The content was developed based on the needs and priorities identified through stakeholder consultation sessions. Sessions were held with front line and management of diverse human service organizations across Ontario.

Let’s Talk has been developed for use by front line staff and managers working in organizations across the human services. While much of the content is generic there are resources and tools that will be particularly relevant for those working in the health and mental health, education, community legal, social services and settlement sectors.

Let's Talk is housed at the Settlement At Work Wiki. The wiki a place to discuss and explore professional development information and is a place to discover collaborative work opportunities. As the information that has been collected for this repository is not exhaustive, you are invited you to engage in the development of Let’s Talk. Please feel free to:

  • Comment on the content you see;
  • Create new fact sheets of interest to community interpretation in Ontario;
  • Share content you find.

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