Labour Market Outcomes and the Recruitment Information Needs of Immigrant and Other Job Seekers

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By: Alice Nakamura, Masao Nakamura, Christopher J. Nicol and W. Erwin Diewert

This paper reveals that large numbers of more recent immigrants born in countries other than the United States and the United Kingdom are doing poorly in comparison with the native born and earlier arrival cohorts of immigrants.

Evidence is reviewed demonstrating that the relatively poor outcomes for many recent immigrants are not primarily a consequence of discrimination against visible minorities. Instead, we suggest there have been changes in the Canadian labour market that are making it harder for all new entrants to find work. Internet Recruitment Information (IRI) services are recommended as a cost-effective form of help for those in need of greater employment opportunities, and particularly for immigrants in this situation who must look for work in localities where they have few if any personal connections.

In particular, the paper recommends the CareerOwl service, founded as a university community volunteer project. CareerOwl uses the latest in Internet communications technology to help jobseekers with specialized talents and work histories and employers needing specialized talents connect and communicate with each other without having to give out direct contact information.

Language: English

Format: This paper is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format [105 KB, 34 pages].