LINC Parenting Program: Manual and Curriculum Guidelines

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Org: Toronto District School Board
Date: 2000

A guide designed for LINC Service-Providing Organizations who are interested in implementing a LINC-Parenting component in their LINC delivery service.

The document has two main parts:

  1. a manual which provides guidelines for setting up and implementing a LINC-Parenting Program;
  2. a set of curriculum guidelines which suggest teaching content, learning outcomes, and resources for such a program.

The intended readers of the document include both administrators and LINC instructors.

This manual is available in Adobe Acrobat format [2.5MB, 178 pages].
Date Published

Additional Information

LINC Project Office, Toronto District School Board, 258 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 1V8, Tel: (416) 393-8268, Fax: (416) 393-8332