LINC 1-5 Curriculum Guidelines: A Computer Integrated Curriculum based on Canadian Language Benchmarks 2000

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Org: Toronto Catholic District School Board
Date: 2002

This resource replaces two documents: LINC 4 & 5 Curriculum Guidelines (1999) and the LINC 1 - 3 Curriculum Guidelines (1997).

This on-line curriculum resource corresponds to Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 2000, the Canadian standards which describe a person’s ability to use the English language.

This new document differs from the original LINC curriculum guidelines in a number of ways:

  • Five LINC levels are now included in one publication
  • The material is organized by themes rather than levels
  • The level outcomes have separate competencies for all four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing).
  • Sample tasks have been developed for each of the four skills
  • Topic outcomes have been rewritten to correspond to the CLB 2000
  • All topic pages include relevant pronunciation items
  • New resources have been added for planning and evaluation
  • Text and Web-based resources appear on the topic pages
  • Computer tasks are fully integrated into the sample language tasks and include a variety of activities such as spreadsheets and presentations</font>
This document is available for viewing in HTML (web site) format.