Integrating Immigrant Skills into the Ontario Economy - A Ten Point Plan

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Org: Maytree Foundation
Date: 2003

This report identifies ten concrete initiatives the new Ontario government should take to allow the province to benefit from the wealth of immigrant skills and experience. The plan, a joint publication of The Maytree Foundation and Ideas that Matter, has been developed by Naomi Alboim, a strategic partner of Maytree and a highly regarded commentator on immigration policy.

The 10 points are:

  1. Create an Ontario internet portal to information for skilled immigrants.
  2. Improve collaboration on the assessment of academic credentials to increase employer confidence.
  3. Provide incentives for educational institutions and licensing bodies to develop competency based assessment tools.
  4. Review post secondary funding formulas and the statutory framework so educational institutions are encouraged to provide bridging programs as part of their ?mainstream? services.
  5. Work with the Federal government to expand student loan programs.
  6. Fund labour market language training to be delivered by employers and educational institutions.
  7. Provide incentives to employers, employer associations, and labour to become more active in the integration of immigrant skills.
  8. Sustain the collaborative efforts of Ontario self-regulated professions to improve access for international candidates.
  9. Support local initiatives to integrate immigrant skills.
  10. Initiate multi-lateral discussions to create 5-party agreements on the labour market integration of immigrants.

Language: English

Format: The plan is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format [636 KB, 12 pages].