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Published by CIC, Inside RAP aims to inform readers about new initiatives and resources in the RAP sector. The Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) is a federally funded program that provides financial and integration assistance to newly arrived refugees.

Readers can forward information they wish to share with other settlement staff for inclusion in Inside RAP. Please send your information or ideas to

Fall 2011 - Issue 7 Download as a PDF
  • RAP Evaluation Report 2011
  • RAP Team Receives Deputy Minister Award
  • RAP Quiz
  • Promising Practices: Search for Permanent Accommodations
  • 2011 GAR Arrivals
Winter 2011 - Issue 6 Download as a PDF
  • Bhutanese Selection Trip, Oct 2010
  • RAP Officer Reflections
  • COA Orientation Visits -- Nepal, Kenya, Syria
  • CIC Matching Centre Myths
  • RAP Newsletter Survey Results
Winter 2009 - Issue 4 Download as a PDF
Fall 2008 - Issue 3
Spring 2008 - Issue 2 Download as a PDF
Fall 2007 - Volume 1, #1 Download as a PDF