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Organization: OCASI
Started in: 2010


InMyLanguage.Org is a multilingual website that provides online information and referral resources for newcomers to Ontario in their own language. The goal of this website is to provide high quality content that can be freely accessed, adapted and printed by anyone providing information to newcomers to Ontario and by newcomers themselves. The website is divided into several major sections: immigrating, housing, work, health, education, legal matters and daily life. The InMyLanguage.Org website provides online resources with settlement related documents translated in to the following languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Arabic
  4. Chinese (Simplified)
  5. Gujarati
  6. Punjabi
  7. Russian
  8. Spanish
  9. Tagalog
  10. Tamil
  11. Urdu

Website Features

  • Fully Multilingual Interface

Users are able to choose and select their language of preference by making a selection on the homepage or throughout the site. Once a language is selected, users have the option to set this language as “default” view whenever they visit the site. Those serving newcomers will have the ability to navigate the site in their preferred language while maintaining access to documents translated in all of the other languages.

  • High Quality Content

OCASI draws on many years of experience, with over 3000 translated documents created, in order to create a comprehensive selection of settlement materials. OCASI's partnerships with CLEO and Senior Secretariat have have enriched the content of InMyLanguage.Org. The articles are constantly reviewed and updated in order to reflect regulatory changes.

  • Shared Content

Users have many ways to interact with and share the website content, aside from just reading or printing the materials. Examples include headlines on other sites, embedded content, and a PDF option for easy saving, sharing and printing of articles.

  • New Content RSS Feeds and Email Alerts

Along with sharing links to content, The website allows users to create custom RSS feeds. A RSS feed allows users to subscribe and receive updates when new content is posted in a particular topic or language. For those who do not use or are unfamiliar with RSS feeds, OCASI also provides an email alternative.

  • Web Services

In order for content to be made as freely available as possible, OCASI created a tool that allows more advanced website owners to tap into the Language of Settlement database and create their own “slices” of content based on language and topic filters they select.

  • Changed Content Email Updates

In order for users to stay up-to-date, users can sign up for email updates based on specific articles, languages and topics. If an article has recently been updated or OCASI needs to alert users that a current document is no longer accurate, they can quickly email this information to users that have signed up.

  • Specific Content Views

Different audiences access the content in different ways. Users can access the site based on those approaches. The various content views include: audience-specific,language specific, topic specific and printer-friendly

Target audience

The target audience is newcomers with basic English skills that need help with the settlement process in their first language.


The website's URL is http://www.InMyLanguage.Org

Site Management and Funder

The InMyLanguage.Org website is managed by OCASI and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Agency Demonstrations

OCASI provides agencies in the sector with in-person demonstrations of the InMyLanguage.Org Website. Agencies who are interested in learning more about the InMyLanguage.Org site are welcome to request a demonstration at their agency by sending a message to


  • 300 documents translated
  • 3000 articles published
  • 6,000 visits each month (average)
  • 20,000 pieces of materials distributed

Contact Person

For more information on the site, please contact:

Paulina Bermeo
Content Coordinator (Translations)
Tel 416-322-4950 x 233