Improving Health Outcomes for Government Assisted Refugees – Final Report

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Org: PSTG Consulting
Date: 2012

In April 2011, Citizenship Immigration Canada, Ontario Region contracted PSTG Consulting to carry out a study to document the current delivery models of health services offered to Government-Assisted Refugees (GARs). The study also involved making recommendations for a more standardized approach to health service delivery across the six cities in Ontario that receive GARs.

Study Objectives

The study was undertaken in order to:

  • Better understand and assess the current health service response to GARs in the six GARs receiving cities;
  • Leverage best/promising practices currently being undertaken by health/mental health and settlement service providers for GARs in Ontario;
  • Develop recommendations to enhance health service delivery to GARs across the province so that services are more effective, efficient, comparable, and measureable; and
  • Develop models, tools, frameworks, and guidelines for service provider organizations across Ontario that will be used to move towards a more standard response across the province.

Download the Report

Improving Health Outcomes for Government Assisted Refugees – Final Report (PDF)