Improving Access for Newcomer Youth to Sexual Health Resources and Services

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Org: Planned Parenthood of Toronto
Date: 2005

Over a ten-month period, Planned Parenthood of Toronto interviewed 16 key informants from newcomer serving organizations and nine newcomer youth. In general, their findings illustrate that the experiences of newcomer youth do affect their sexual health and well-being. Newcomer youth face numerous barriers when accessing health information and care services, and there is a general lack of focus and resources dedicated to enhancing newcomer youth sexual health.

While newcomer youth share many of the same issues as mainstream “Canadian” youth related to relationships, pregnancy and STIs, this report reinforces that different groups of newcomer youth experience of sexual health issues is related, in varying degrees, to factors such as cultural and religious beliefs and values, experiences of discrimination and exclusion among peers, parental conflict, and knowledge of and access to community resources. Therefore, the need to develop and expand health services and programming for newcomer youth that address the social, political and environmental determinants of health is strongly needed.

This report also highlights the importance of developing programs and services that raise awareness of sexual health issues and sexual health related services and resources within newcomer communities and settlement organizations.

It is important to recognize that different communities have different needs based on cultural values, settlement issues, migration history, language, etc. that affect how services are most effectively provided. For newcomer youth, different strategies will need to be explored and created for distinct communities in order to increase health care access.

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