Immigrant Settlement Counselling: A Training Guide/Module 7: Mental Health Issues

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Immigrant Settlement Counselling:
A Training Guide
Developing the CSISW Course:
A Case Example
Org: Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)
Date: 2000

This section provides activities to help participants understand mental health issues, what mental health issues newcomers may face and how to access the mental health support networks and services in their community.

The activities included in this module are designed to:

  1. Increase participants' awareness of cross-cultural differences in the definition of mental health.
  2. Improve participants' ability to detect behavioural signs that a client is in need of in-depth counselling, and increase their sensitivity to cross-cultural factors that may interfere with this assessment.
  3. Increase participants' understanding of the factors affecting the mental health of immigrants.
  4. Improve participants' ability to distinguish between clients' settlement problems and serious mental health issues, and to explore the overlap.
  5. Expand participants' knowledge of the mental health delivery system in the local area, including referral routes for clients.
  6. Increase participants' awareness of systemic barriers which may impede the effective delivery of mental health services to immigrants.

Language: English

Format: This document is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format [484 KB, 19 pages].