Immigrant Settlement Counselling: A Training Guide/Module 3: Counselling Values and Beliefs

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Immigrant Settlement Counselling:
A Training Guide
Developing the CSISW Course:
A Case Example
Org: Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)

This section seeks to help participants identify what counselling styles and processes are important to them and to consider why they hold these particular values and beliefs. As well, the discussion will look at different counselling approaches and how they are or are not appropriate for their clients.

Our ethnicity is a key component of our cultural identity. An important aspect of working with a culturally diverse clientele is understanding our own identity and how it differs from others. This section outlines activities to help settlement counsellors recognize their own cultural identity and how it interplays with others' and affects their daily life and work.

The activities included in this module are designed to:

  1. Help participants recognize their own key values and beliefs related to counselling.
  2. Increase participants' awareness of how differences in values and beliefs may affect the relationship between counsellor and client.
  3. Give participants the opportunity to compare and contrast their own values and beliefs with other counsellors and to identify common principles that should guide settlement counselling.
  4. Increase participants' awareness of aspects of their cultural identities that have conditioned their counselling values and beliefs.

Language: English

Format: This document is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format [550 KB, 20 pages].