Immigrant Settlement Counselling: A Training Guide

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Immigrant Settlement Counselling:
A Training Guide
Developing the CSISW Course:
A Case Example

This resource is an attempt to describe the dimensions of settlement work and to provide tools that can be used to train workers to be effective settlement counsellors. It is a training guide, not a source of answers to all the challenging questions related to settlement counselling. The emphasis is on processes that trainers can use to initiate introspection and animate group discussion on these issues. For many of the questions there are no final answers, because of the complex nature of the settlement process and the cultural dimension of every issue. The assumption is that participants in this type of training, given stimulating activities, will come up with important insights from their own collective experiences.

The Guide is divided into three parts. Part I provides a frame of reference for the core of the Guide - the training modules. It looks at the nature of settlement work, examines the training needs of workers in the field, and suggests a framework for training.

Part II presents the eight training modules, which address a series of topics, related to counselling. Each module contains a set of training activities, ranging from skill drills and role-plays, to group discussions and reading and writing activities.

Part III is for users interested in program development. It describes the process of developing the CSISW course and provides practical suggestions for designing and implementing training for counsellors in the field.

The Guide is not intended to be a textbook on settlement counselling. It provides two types of tools for training - activities for groups, and readings and resources that can be used to supplement the core materials. The content was developed out of a particular process; it reflects the experiences of the group of trainers and participants at that particular time and place. Users of the Guide will need to pick and choose the segments that are useful for their groups and to augment the activities with their own experience and resources.