ISAP Occasional Child Care (OCC) Operations Manual

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By: Judith Colbert, Catherine Moher,Daisy Talob, Helena Raimundo
Org: Childminding Monitoring Advisory and Support (CMAS) and Ryerson University
Date: 2007

This Manual is designed to help ISAP organizations implement an occasional child care (OCC) program. It begins with an Introduction to OCC that will help agency staff understand child care and the risks associated with providing OCC. It will give you tools and ideas for managing those risks and successfully setting up and operating your own OCC program.

Download the Manual

English - ISAP Occasional Child Care (OCC) Operations Manual - PDF format (515 KB, 146 pages)

Français - Guide sur les services de gardiennage occasionnel - format PDF (570 KB, 170 pages)


  • Section A - Introduction To The OCC Operations Manual
  • Section B - Setting Up An OCC Program - Implementing The Turn-Key Model
  • Section C - Operating An Occ Session - Using The Turn-Key Model
  • Resources

What is OCC?

OCC is an informal, unlicensed arrangement for the care and supervision, on a non-recurring basis, of a child with a parent receiving CIC-funded services at the same site.Usually, the children who receive care are different each time care is offered.

OCC serves children from 19 months to the age of eligibility for Grade 8 in an Ontario school.OCC can be provided whenever it is needed, but its two fundamental conditions must be met at all times:

  • Parents are on the same site as their children; and Parents are participating in an eligible, CIC-funded settlement service.

OCC is always offered in conjunction with specific settlement services and may involve formal partnerships or other arrangements with organizations such as school boards and recreation centres. Since every organization has different resources and provides different services within a distinctive community, and since there is more than one type of OCC, every OCC program has its own unique characteristics.

What are the types of OCC?

The type of OCC you will offer will depend on the services your organization provides and the space available for the program. Basically, there are three types of care:

  • On-Site in Dedicated Space ? care that is offered at your service site in space that is only used for child care.
  • On-Site in Shared Space ? care that is offered at your service site in space that is used for other purposes and shared with others.
  • Mobile ? care that is offered on an itinerant basis at one or more sites in the community in varied space that may or may not be dedicated to the care of young children.

An organization can offer more than one type of OCC, depending on the settlement services it provides.