IGR Communications Working Group/2010-11-17

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November 17
11am - 1pm


  1. Information sharing:
    1. Review table of info shared at last meeting
    2. Add information from other participants
  2. Discuss possible joint initiatives:
    1. Ongoing sharing of strategic resources/technical resources
    2. Joint marketing initiatives
      1. Look at the possibility of joint marketing
    3. Joint responses to on-line information requests
      1. Several agencies are on facebook – Is there a way of jointly marketing information through facebook?
    4. Research
      1. Report back from agencies on the question of joint research
      2. consider possible questions and methodology

Meeting notes



Information Sharing

David Wood of MCI will forward information on MCI initiatives to be included on the information sharing sheet.

Joan Endersby from the Region of Peel will submit information to be included in the information sharing sheet.

Action: Kuziva to follow up to incorporate new information.

Discussion of possible joint initiatives

Ongoing convening to share strategic resources/technical resources

As discussed at the previous meeting, the group is interested in continuing to convene on a quarterly basis to share information, collaborate on research and evaluation initiatives and explore other collaborative initiatives as they emerge.

David Wood of MCI offered to explore whether MCI would be able to host an ongoing group of the GTA Municipal web portals through MIIO and to include the other relevant communications players: HRSDC, CIC, OCASI and other community organizations as appropriate. OCASI reps offered to create a presence for the working group on settlement.org.

Action: David Wood will confirm whether MCI is able to act as convener for this ongoing information sharing/collaboration group.

Joint marketing initiatives

Marco presented a brief overview of several collaborative marketing initiatives including: the CIC Speak/Live campaign, CASIP joint marketing, Settlement.org and SeeCanada.org. PPT was distributed.


The group discussed ideas for a possible collaborative marketing pilot:

  • Marketing based on what newcomers do – e.g. put information in sim cards or USB sticks for arriving newcomers
  • Marketing based on where people live- Putting video displays in apartment hallways, TTC subway stations, supermarkets, Laundry-marts. Many municipalities are already using One-Stop video displays in their municipal housing and other venues. This idea seems to have a lot of potential as video displays can have a variety of messages through a single delivery mechanism rather than requiring a single static message.

Working Group will further consider the type of messaging to use at the next meeting.

Next steps

The group agreed to hold one further meeting to explore this idea. In preparation for that meeting, the following next steps were agreed on:
Ann-Marie McGregor from OCASI and James Buttivant from the City of Toronto and Joan Endersby from the Region of Peel all have experience working with One Stop. They will provide the group with some details regarding One-Stop services.

Ann Marie, OCASI will check whether One-Stop could provide a brief presentation at the next meeting.

Market Research

Two areas were discussed:

  1. Where do we house the literature review for the immigrant employment sources that we have begun to develop?
    The group felt we needed to come up with a living literature review of data sources that is shared by all agencies. The information could sit with the proposed group which may be coordinated by MCI. Information can be presented in the form of a repository of research available on the subject. A number of technical options were explored for how to store and update the information available, and to maintain a short summary of key learnings from the research available.
  2. Is there value in conducting a large scale representative sample study on where immigrants are sourcing employment information groups based on their demographic characteristics e.g. age, gender, ethnicity?
    The working group was informed that CIC was already funding 17 Universities under the Welcoming Communities initiative to carry-out research initiatives to inform program and policy. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we should consult with this project to discuss how these research needs could be incorporated into the Welcoming Communities research agenda.

It was also affirmed that through the ongoing collaborative group, research questions could be developed that could be embedded in the various smaller scale market research or evaluation projects/surveys carried out periodically by working group member organizations.

Action: Audrey and OCASI will provide background and contact information for the Welcoming Communities Initiative

Next Meeting

December 15, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

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