IGR Communications Working Group/2010-10-14

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Meeting notes




  • Mary Durante
  • Diane Gumbs
  • Natalie Fatica

Review of Agenda

by Chairperson – Joan Atlin

Joan reviewed the minutes of the September meeting. The working group proceeded to review information presented in the information sharing table included in the minutes. The information sharing table was updated with new information as follows:

Discussion of possible joint initiatives

The group discussed two areas of joint initiative:


The group agreed that the information sharing that has taken place so far has been very valuable. They would like to continue to convene quarterly for information sharing purposes. OCASI can create an online presence for the working group for information sharing.

Market Research

Kuziva presented a summary of current research on sources of employment information for immigrants - File:Marketing Employment Information to Immigrants updated.ppt.

  • Key conclusion was that a more comprehensive joint research may be necessary
  • 2 possible projects were identified:
    • a more comprehensive literature review to identify all the relevant research and the conclusions that can be drawn from it
    • a representative sample survey to get a more detailed demographic picture of who (by age, gender, language etc) is accessing employment information from which kinds of information sources (print, native language, websites, social media, friends and family etc.)

Action: Members will discuss the possibility of a joint research project with their own organizations and consider possible questions and methodology

Other areas pending discussion at the next meeting:

Joint marketing initiatives

  • Look at the possibility of joint marketing

Joint responses to on-line information requests

  • Several agencies are on facebook – Is there a way of jointly marketing information through facebook?

References for research piece shared at the meeting

Next meeting

November 17 – 11:00 am-1:00 pm

Files attached

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