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This page gives guidance about how to organise an event for the settlement sector of Ontario. These are not rules, but instead advice and pointers.

Anyone can organise an event and brand it as a "Settlement At Work" event to focus at the Settlement At Work community, however not all events will be endorsed or promoted by the Settlement At Work website. This focus is to allow for optimal flexibility with organising and hosting of events, while still recognizing the value in the engagement of the community.

  1. Start outlining the event on the Settlement At Work wiki
    1. Basic information:
      1. Event purpose
      2. Target audience profile
      3. Logistics: When, where (consult SettlementAtWork:Events/Locations)
      4. Timeline, schedule
      5. Other information: budget information, AV supports
    2. Identify the page as tentative until the date and location is set.
  2. Collaborate with others on the organising
    1. Email the link out to others, or tweet it out;
  3. Call a meeting to review the event
    1. Can be an in-person or virutal meeting
    2. Focus: looking for red flags
  4. Announce the event to target audience
    1. Send email to your target audience
    2. Ask to publish in the SettlementAtWork:Newsletter & SettlementAtWork:Listings site
    3. Ask partners to publish to their lists as well
      1. Maybe publish an event mention in a blog post on SettlementAtWork:Blog
    4. Open up the registration page
      1. Possible sources: Eventbrite, twtvite
  5. Preparation
    1. Reminders for registrants
    2. Name tags
    3. Itinerary for organisers, speakers
    4. Event volunteers
    5. Images for pointing participants to the event (in case they could get lost)
    6. Optional: AV support, Twitter wall, blog post
  6. Holding the event
    1. Screen holder image
    2. Optional: Twitterwall
    3. Evaluation form
  7. Post event
    1. Review de-brief
    2. Information posting

Other considerations

  • Food
  • Off-site lunch
  • Information caputre

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