How to Start and Maintain a Self-Help Group

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There are many right ways to form a self-help group. This publication contains basic tools that have worked well for many new groups.

This guide has been created by The Self-Help Resource Centre of Greater Toronto. They seek to increase awareness about self-help/mutual aid in the community and among helping professionals, and to facilitate the growth and development of self-help groups, networks and resources.

Starting A Self-Help Groupis now available in 4 other languages (links below are to PDF documents).

The term self-help group refers to more than two people who come together to deal with a shared concern or problem. Such groups exist all over the world; they are sometimes called mutual aid or support groups. These groups are run by and for the members, "experts" themselves.

Contents of this guide:

Read this publication on the The Self-Help Resource Centre of Greater Toronto website.

Find additional useful resources in their

Self Help 101 resources section.