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Make sure to check the external links section below, which is much more useful than this guide.

Templates are very useful for information that should appear on multiple pages. By using a template the content can be present on as many articles as necessary and if it is edited the changes will be reflected everywhere it appears.

To create a template add a line to your article that looks like this:

{{Name of my template}}

It will appear as a broken (red) link:Template:Name of my template. Clicking on it will take you to the template page and you can now add the content for the template.

To add the content of your template to any page you now just need to include {{Name of my template}} where you want it to appear on the page.

Useful pre-fabricated templates

  • Archive - insert this banner template indicating the need to archive information
  • Cleanup - insert this template to indicate that the wiki page needs be better organized, better formatted, etc
  • Delete - insert this template to indicate a delete request for a particular wiki page
  • Naming Conventions - insert this template to indicate the page needs to be renamed
  • Tabs - include tabs on top of your page to create sub-pages of your page and assist with navigation
  • Work In Progress - insert this template to indicate the page may show some broken code, unfinished formatting, etc.

To see a full listing of templates, click on a letter of interest. Template:TemplatesIndex

Linking to a template page

Syntax How the link appears on the page

{{tl|Needs your input}}

{{Needs your input}}

[[Template:Needs your input]]

Template:Needs your input

[[Template:Needs your input|]]

Needs your input

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