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If you are new to wikis you will need to learn a few things so you can get the most out of this site.

Here is an excellent short video that explains wikis in simple English(you need to be able to access You Tube to see it).

Tip: Help is always available on the left menu.


There are multiple ways you can access content in this wiki. You can:

  • Search. Use the search box on the left to find what you are looking for. "Go" looks for page titles (remember the wiki is case sensitive) . "Search" looks for the term both in titles and in page texts. For more information, see Help:Search.
  • Browse the categories or see the category cloud.
  • Check out the most popular wiki articles.
  • See the acronyms page which lists wiki pages with acronyms in their title
  • Follow internal links. Words in blue letters are internal links; follow them to learn more on a particular topic.
Tip: Right click to open a new window so you don't get lost.


To do more than browse the content, you will need to get an account. It takes about 30 seconds to become a wiki user.

  • As a wiki user you will be able comment on pages and join in discussions by using the talk page that accompanies every page.
  • Don't be shy, do be courteous and respectful, and follow the principles established in Help:Code of Conduct
  • Perfection is not necessary. Wikis are collaborative environments, so don't worry about perfection. Focus on sharing your knowledge.
  • Create a watchlist to keep an eye on discussions and content you are interested in. To watch a page, click the watch tab at the top of your screen.

Creating content

Once you have an account you can create pages, edit, and share content. Go ahead, create a page in the Sandbox! Before you create a page elsewhere in this wiki make sure to consult Help:Creating pages.