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When naming a new page, remember that the idea is to try to make it as easy as possible for others to find what you have written. This wiki has 1,100 articles. The page you're thinking of may already be covered under an alternate spelling, capitalisation, or simply under an alternative name or expression. To avoid duplicating effort needlessly, make sure you've searched thoroughly for alternate titles. (If you find your subject is already covered under another title, your proposed page title might usefully be redirected there - see Help:Redirect.


  1. Search to ensure that your proposed page name does not duplicate the name of an already existing page. (Tip: try a few variations on your title just to be sure.)
  2. Use simple, everyday language in the title; name the page so the average person can find it easily; for example, Why the sky is blue rather than Diffuse sky radiation and its impact on colour perception.
  3. Use the upper case for the first word in the title only, unless the title is a proper noun such as a name; for example, Sidney Crosby is correct, but not System Error (it should be System error).
  4. Use singular nouns in titles, unless the noun is always in the plural form (such as scissors or trousers).
  5. Do not start a title with an article (a, an, or the), unless the article is part of a name or title; for example, The Hague or A Brief History of Time are acceptable as titles, while A new approach to electronic government should be New approach to electronic government.
  6. Always use Canadian spelling in article and category titles. This includes words such as colour, sulphur, neighbour and cheque. (The exception is cases where the article or category word is itself a foreign spelling)
  7. Please only use letters and numbers when naming a page. Don’t use special characters as they confuse the wiki software.
  8. Avoid using acronyms and abbreviations in titles. To make the page easier to find create Redirect pages for the abbreviation.
  9. Focus on the topic not the organization Unless the page is about an organization or to be used exclusively in support of a particular committee or group, keep the name out of the page title. If you wish to group a number of pages try using categories.
  10. Avoid titles with bias. The title should not create a bias or negative perception of the article topic. It would be inappropriate to create an article with a title like Mismanagement at the Department of Solar Affairs. If you wish to make well-referenced additions of information about purported issues in the Department of Solar Affairs, this should be done on the main article, rather than by creating a "content fork" (also known as a "POV fork") (Point of View fork).

Associated templates and categories

  • Template:naming: Use this template on any pages that are named poorly. It allows users to discuss name changes and page moves.


  • Template:Renaming: Use this template for suggesting a new name for a poorly named page.