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The terms “move” and “rename” are synonymous. You can rename a page by moving it.

There are several reasons why you might wish to rename a page:

  • the title has been misspelled.
  • the title does not follow the naming conventions
  • the scope of the article has been reduced, extended or otherwise changed


Why should I move/rename a page, instead of creating a new one?

Instead of cutting and pasting the contents of the older article into a newly created article, using the move tab has the following advantages:

  • The history and discussion pages are preserved with the move.
  • All other pages that link to it will be automatically redirected to the newly named page.

To move a page:

  • Log in
  • Go to the page you want to move
  • Click the move tab at the top of the article
  • Type the new name for the page
  • Choose whether you also want to move the page's talk page (usually you will)
  • Indicate why you are moving the page
  • Click the "move page" button and the page will be renamed to the new title

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