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Ensuring that your user account remains up-to-date is not only good practice, but also an essential and mandatory responsibility for all wiki users. A particularly valuable piece of information included within a user's account that is in need of continual updating is your email address.

The Importance of Ensuring an Up-To-Date Email Address

Your email address serves as a particularly valuable piece of information as it:

  1. Enables wiki administrators and/or other wiki user's to contact said individual:
    • Enhancing the social networking capabilities of the site (i.e. by way of providing other wiki users an alternative, yet traditional and formal means of communication)
    • Ensuring the attributability and accountability of all material posted
  2. Assists in general wiki maintenance and administration:
    • Serving as a secondary means by which wiki users are notified about changes and/or developments on the site (i.e. pending and/or ongoing interruptions to service, as well as changes and/or modifications to pages included within a wiki user's watchlist)
    • Being the primary channel in which a series of relatively routine issues pertaining to this wiki can be addressed (i.e. sending confirmations for password resets)

How to Change/Up-Date Your Account's Email Address

Provided below are instructions on how to change/up-date a user's email address:

Step 1: Click on "my preferences"

While logged in to your wiki account, click on the "my preferences" menu item located on your personal wiki user menu bar.

Step 2: Input your email address

Simply type your email address into the box.

Step 3: Save your changes

Don't forget to save your changes by selecting "Save" at the bottom of the page.

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