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You don't have to be logged in to this wiki to read articles and help content.

  • Once you are logged in to this wiki the Article Tabs will appear at the top of the page and you are able to edit an article, add to the discussion thread, check the history of the article, add it to your watch list, or move content (for the use of seasoned gnomes or editor only). For more information on the tabs, see Help:Tabs

Logging in

  • To log in click on the "log in" link on the top right of the wiki webpage
  • Enter your member name (This is your firstname.lastname - i.e. suzanne.martin, jacques.richard)
  • Enter your password and click "Log In"
  • You can click on the "Remember my login on this computer" button if working from your workstation in order to not have to always log in when accessing this wiki

See also: Help:User name and password recovery