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The basic syntax for creating a gallery looks like this:

Image:Image name.jpg|<center>Title</center>

The Image: line can be repeated for as many images as you have to display. To add a gallery to a new or existing wiki page:

  • Copy the text above in the blue box
  • Navigate to your new page
  • Paste the scaffold to re-create this layout on your own page
  • Copy and paste the Image: line for each image you wish to add

For example, the wiki code for a gallery of three images would be:

Image:Water.jpg|<center>Water Drop</center>
Image:Lakelouise.jpg|<center>The Lake</center>

This gallery would look like this on a wiki page:

Larger pictures are automatically scaled in size to match the wiki standard dimensions of the gallery, and the number of images on each row of the gallery adjusts according to the dimensions of the display the gallery is being viewed on.