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Deleting pages is a function that is restricted for Wiki administrators. However, users can "flag" a page for deletion by adding special template code {{delete}} at the top of the page that notifies the sysop that the page should be deleted.

You can also contact the wiki administrators via the contact us page at any time to ask them to take a page or file down, as long as you provide a rationale.

Code to Insert

Put the text {{Delete|reason=Your reason for requesting a page deletion.}} at the top of a page or category that you think should be deleted, and an administrator will process the request. Justification, see the common list of reasons below, is defined within the template with the code "reason=…", or on the talk page. i.e.:

{{Delete|reason=Page was for planning purposes only.}} 


Common reasons for deletion

  • Author request
  • Blanked by author
  • Broken redirect
  • Copyright violation
  • Duplicate content
  • Expired content
  • Orphaned talk page
  • Page was for planning purposes only
  • Policy request
  • Redundant
  • Test page
  • Unused category
  • Unused redirect
  • Vandalism

See also

See delete template documentation for more information on how to use the delete template.