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A simple process for building a community of practice's navigation template

  • Decide how you will organize and name the content areas in your community of practice pages
  • Decide on a meaningful name for your navigation template, such as Alphabet soup community navigation template
  • Go to the search box and enter the word Template followed by a colon, and the name of your community; for example, Template: Alphabet soup community navigation template
  • Hit "Go"
  • The search results window should indicate that there is no page with that name. There will be red text stating that you can create the page
  • Click on the red text in the search results page
  • In the edit screen that opens, type the following code {{name of template}} . The curly brackets tell the system that the document is a template.
  • Cut and paste the code below into your template page:

{| border="1"

|'''Navigation '''


| [[link to community main page|Community main page]]


| [[Link to content area 1 |Content area 1]]


| [[Link to content area 2|Content area 2]]


| [[Link to content area 3|Content area 3]]


| [[Link to content area 4 |Content area 4]]


| [[Link to content area 5|Content area 5]]


| [[Link to content area 6 |Content area 6]]


  • The coding will result in a table like the one below

Community main page
Content area 1
Content area 2
Content area 3
Content area 4
Content area 5
Content area 6
  • Replace the generic texts with links to the community of practice's predetermined content areas
  • Save the page

Using the template

  • When you want to add the template to the community's pages, open the pages. In the edit box, type {{Template:name of template}} and the template will appear
  • When you are editing a page that uses templates, you will see the template(s) listed below the edit box

Note If the template will be available in the other official language, it can be helpful to use the same name with a prefix indicating the alternate language. For example; Template:FR Alphabet soup community navigation template or Template: EN Nomme de template