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Summary of the use of Social Media by various levels of government in the settlement sector.

Organization Communication Strategy Technical Tools Information Sharing
  • Social Media
  • Website
Jean-Francois – HRSDC- To share:
  • Guidelines for operating on facebook
  • Research prior to implementing facebook
  • Justification of facebook access by public service staff
  • Strategy for a wider social media approach
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Press release
    • TV
    • Print media
  • Announcements
  • Job fairs

Elaine Thompson – MCI –

  • Social media
  • Press releases
    • Print media
    • TV
  • Ethnic media
    • Print
    • TV

Roshni D’souza - CIC:

  • Shared the results of the Learn Speak Live evaluation - Effectiveness of Advertising Channels:- (measured by where callers saw the ads for LSL.)
    • 38% Metro paper
    • 12% other papers but surprisingly, not many users saw the ads in ethnic papers (maybe not enough advertising there.)
    • 14% Bus (outside)
    • 13% Subway platforms
    • 8% billboards
    • 6% bus shelters
    • 5% online, including PSAs (Canadian Newcomer Magazine Online and Google, mainly)
    • 4% TV/radio.

City of Toronto

  • Website
Karen Wilson:
Region of Peel      

Region of York

  • Immigration portal
The York Region immigration portal implemented a marketing/outreach plan in June 2010, to run until December, at which time they'll evaluate.


  • partnering with ethnic media with targeted, translated ads
  • TV segments with local community/cable provider
  • communication kits for local agencies/service providers
  • link campaigns

They're planning to stagger each approach, for measurability of impact


Durham Region

  • Settlement Services Portal
Durham portal marketing Tools:
  • ads in 24 hours, Canadian immigrant, online, relocation guide, Goldbook (telephone book)
  • hard copy swag - USB sticks, mouse pads, pens - provided to service providers, faith communities, Boards of Trade, job fairs with employers, etc.
  • having a portal business card has also been helpful, including providing them with card holders for service providers (very popular)
OCASI Marketing Tools:
  • Video ads
  • TTC platform visual displays
  • Physical outreach
Dave Montague:
  • OCASI recently launched the website targeted at immigrants in 12 languages
  • COSTI will be running a CIC marketing campaign - mainly focused on some of the lesser known services that CIC funds - there will be a mini destination portal on Settlement.Org

Lessons from Settlement.Org

  • physical outreach important - important to go where newcomers are
  • work with ESL instructors to integrate web content into ESL lesson plans
  • difficult to measure effectiveness of marketing, specifically TV/Radio ads
  • evaluation of Settlement.Org - showed that online is becoming an increasingly important place to find information
  • Interlinking with saw very high hits on These hits could be directly identified as coming from

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