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Studies and reports focused on public policy including advocacy, the voluntary sector forum and policy development.

A Search for Models: From Collaboration to Co-optation
A literature review analyzing models of collaboration and coordination between settlement services and other services in the human services sector - April 2000.
Collaboration on Policy: A Manual developed by the Community-Government Collaboration on Policy
The Caledon Institute of Social Policy hosted a year-long community of practice to help guide community practitioners and government officials in working to design policy solutions to complex problems - 2009.
Deliberate Relationships Between Government and the Non-Profit Sector: An Unfolding Picture
This report provides an overview of how government and the non-profit/voluntary sector interact, with a focus on "deliberate relationships" - targeted strategies to enhance working relationships - 2008.
Feasibility Study for a Pan-Canadian Settlement Organization - Project Report
This report represents a second stage in the process of examining the feasibility of developing a new “voice” for the settlement sector at the pan-Canadian level - March 2005.
On the Front Lines: Of Toronto's Community Service Sector
This research report details critical issues facing community agencies providing services in Toronto. The seven recommendations provided address issues of recognition, funding, data collection, best practices, and more - July 2006.
Satellite Account Provides Statistics on Economic Impact of Voluntary Sector
Statistics Canada has developed the Satellite Account of Nonprofit Institutions and Volunteering for tracking economic contribution of Voluntary Organizations. This recognizes the nonprofit sector as an important pillar of Canadian society.
Social Innovation in Canada - How the non-profit sector serves Canadians ... and how it can serve them better
This report from Canadian Policy Research Networks calls for a new framework for support to this vital secto and examines the role of the non-profit sector in social innovation and what needs to be done to make the most of it.
Social Innovation in Canada: An Update
This report highlights the urgency of the social challenges before us, such as climate change, sustainability, poverty and globalization, particularly in the midst of a global economic downturn, and points to the importance of fostering SI as a solution.
The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector in Ontario
These Regional highlights from the National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations performed by Imagine Canada provide insight on the composition, capacity and history of the voluntary sector in Ontario - June 2006.
The Response of the Municipal Public Sector to Challenges of Immigrant Settlement
This study examines the way in which municipal public service agencies in the Greater Toronto Area are responding to challenges posed by the settlement of large numbers of immigrants within their boundaries - October 2000.
We Can’t Afford to Do Business This Way: A Study of the Administrative Burden Resulting From Funder Accountability and Compliance Practices
This report provides a portrait of how service flexibility and innovation in the nonprofit sector are affected by onerous grant application and reporting processes - September 2007.

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