Executive Summary of 2006 Consultations on Settlement and Language Training Service Needs of Newcomers to Ontario

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Link: http://atwork.settlement.org/downloads/atwork/CIC_2006_Consultations_Final_Report_Executive_Summary.pdf
Org: InterQuest Consulting
Date: 2006

The first-ever Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement was signed in November 2005. Over the next five years, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) plans to invest $920 million in new funding for settlement and language training programs and services in Ontario (subject to parliamentary appropriations). To guide this investment, the federal and provincial government (Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration ? MCI) will jointly develop settlement and language training strategies. The overall goal of these strategies is to support the successful social and economic integration of immigrants in Ontario.

This consultation process was undertaken during the period of June to September 2006 to provide an update on the state of newcomer needs and expectations, related service gaps and ways to improve services and delivery. These consultations will inform the development of the joint Canada-Ontario strategies. InterQuest Consulting of Ottawa was selected to design and deliver the consultations through a competitive bid process.

The scope, focus and approach to the consultations were guided by a planning committee with representation from CIC, MCI and the City of Toronto.

The consultation process was funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

This report was compiled from the findings of the consultation and prepared by InterQuest Consulting. En Français