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Organization: OCASI
Started in: 2007


Etablissement.Org is a French language information and referral website which has the objective of addressing the needs of French-speaking newcomers (and potential newcomers) to Ontario. Etablissement.Org offers French-speaking newcomers trustworthy information and resources, in the form of articles, links, news or events, covering various settlement topics. This is part of OCASI's broader efforts to further include and engage francophone communities in Ontario.

Website features

The Etablissement.Org website covers settlement questions under the following sections: citizenship and immigration, housing, employment, health, education, daily life, legal matters and community. There are also headings such as "First days", "Services near me", "Living in French" and "Discussion Forum".

The Services Near Me section connects to the database, a project of Findhelp Information Services. This allows users to find services in their local area. However, it should be noted that this function identifies all service providers, regardless of whether they provide services in French.

The Discussion Forum continues to be, statistically, one of the most popular area of the site. The most popular topics include questions about permanent residency, sponsorship, profession and employment related inquiries.

The Guide Vivre en français (Living in French) is a useful tool which brings together under one roof essential information on Ontario's Francophone and the prospects for life in French in the province at all levels.

Partnerships with community organizations including CMHC, NAWL, Bridget Digital Tools, CLEO, La Cité and CEPEO have enhanced the quality of information available to users.


The website's URL is

Site Management and Funder

The Etablissement.Org website is managed by OCASI and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).


Etablissement.Org has a french language newsletter with news regarding settlement issues distributed monthly. Interested parties can sign up for the newsletter at

Agency Demonstrations

OCASI provides agencies in the sector with in-person demonstrations of the Etablissement.Org Website. Agencies who are interested in learning more about the Etablissement.Org site are welcome to request a demonstration at thier agency by contacting Zeina Farah at


Statistics from April 2011 to February/March 2012

  • 75,647 site visits
  • 50,744 francophone newcomers reached through our promotion and outreach activities
  • 3,138 promotional materials distributed

Contact Person

For more information on the site, please contact:

Zeina Farah
Etablissement.Org Content Coordinator
tel: 416-322-4950 x 258