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Orientation to Canada
Employment & Skills building
Language support

This information can be useful to settlement workers who meet clients and provide settlement serfvices, so they can learn more about the range of services that are available to support their clients, how to find local services and tips for making appropriate referrals. This information can assist service providers and funders to understand the challenges that settlement workers face in referring clients to services that agencies have implemented to enhance coordination between sectors. This page is intended to be an exploratory and collaborative approach to understanding and sharing information about language services, rather than a definitive or prescriptive report.

Main topics

Entry refers to the immigration processes newcomers go through to live in Canada either permanently or temporarily. This sction also refers to the social, economic and educational experiences different types of newcomers experience. Policy and outreach work, as well as research papers on these areas are inlcuded in "Entry".

Other themes which are included relate to different immigrant classes such as:

  • Refugees
  • Federal Skilled Workers
  • Provincial Nominee Class
  • Family Class
  • Temporary Foreign Workers


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Assessment needs

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PET / Learn At Work

Educational programs


Assessing/about the client


There is a range of local, provincial and federal services across Ontario. Some services are provided directly by government and jointly with settlement agencies.


This is a list of the different funding sources. Not all funding is directed at newcomers specifically, although they can and do access these supports.

Services provided

There is a range of services provided





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