Enhanced Language Training for Educators (ELTE)

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The Enhanced Language Training for Educators (ELTE) is a resource for experienced teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL) who are facilitating English language and communication skills for a career-specific audience to meet Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) levels 7 to 9. ELTE is designed for internationally trained teachers with a CLB Level 6 or above range.

Download the complete ELTE program - Zip format (4.5 MB).

This Zip file contains 6 Module documents, along with an Introduction and a Reference document (This file format is compressed to speed up download time. You need to have a compression/decompression utlility (e.g. WinZip) installed on your computer.).

All 8 documents are in PDF format.

This publication may be reproduced for non-commercial educational purposes providing the following statement appears on all copies: Printed with permission of Citizenship and Immigration Canada © 2007

Program Objectives

  • To build knowledge and identify ?Best Practices? and effective instructional strategies used in Ontario classrooms.
  • To enhance literacy skills which Ontario teachers of all disciplines are expected to teach.
  • To increase awareness of how participants learn and how it affects classroom instruction.
  • To enhance the communication skills of internationally trained educators to meet CLB levels 7 to 9 in order to increase employment and promotion opportunities in Canada in their field of expertise.
  • To focus on oral communication and writing skills through the use of education and classroom related tasks and procedures.
  • To emphasize appropriate grammar structures in meaningful spoken and written communication and reinforce oral pronunciation.
  • To build awareness of cultural aspects and expectations within the Canadian workplace.
  • To explore and create career action plans in the field of education.

ELTE Program: Modules Overview

This resource contains six separate Module/Facilitation guides.

Module 1: Orientation

Introductions and program overview

Ontario educational system

Cross-cultural awareness

Module 2: Inclusive Schools

Philosophy of education


Special education

Diversity/equity of opportunity

Module 3: Classroom Culture

Learning styles/ multiple intelligences

Right brain/left brain

Learning environment

Emotional intelligence

Classroom management

Quantum teaching

Module 4: Classroom Learning

Role as a teacher

Literacy: cross curricular approaches

Instructional strategies

Assessment and evaluation



Ontario curriculum unit planner

Module 5: Communication to Parents, Teachers and Administration

Parent communications: field trips,

school and classroom newsletters etc.

Homework policies

Parent interviews

Module 6: Communication Within School Community

Communication with colleagues

Assessing teacher performance

Change and careers in education

Program evaluation

Language: English

Format: These documents are in PDF format, available for download in Zip format (This file format is compressed to speed up download time. You need to have a compression/decompression utlility (e.g. WinZip) installed on your computer.).