Computer Skills for Seniors

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The Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto, a non-profit registered charitable agency, has been implementing an exciting program since October 2010 which is exclusively for seniors and older adults (age 50 years and older). The program name is “Computer Skills for Seniors”. Its key objective is to reduce loneliness and social isolation, which are affecting roughly one in every four seniors living in GTA. 

When a frail elderly person has a small and fragmented social network, they can be at greater risk of loneliness and social isolation that can result in depression. Through the Computer Skills for Seniors program, we are able to help them make the valuable connections that allow for connectedness. The program provides basic computer and internet skills to seniors with the objective that the participants will be confident to e-mail, internet-based social networking, perform online banking, access to services such as 211 and TTC etc. It also provides them a much-needed candid environment of socialization with peers. As witnessed by the program, we are making a difference!

All the services of this program are free of charges. We also provide light refreshment to program participants. The program runs from Monday to Thursday, 1 – 3 p.m. at 121 Willowdale Avenue, Suite 203, Toronto, Ontario. This program is unique for the individuals who have no computer skills and who are from non-English speaking background. We use laptop for training purpose and provide one-on-one support. Please call 416-229-1680 or e-mail at: to sign up, or to provide your support to this program.