Citizenship and Immigration Canada/CIC Communications Protocol - 2008

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Recently, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) sent a letter to all agencies they fund, outlining a new Communications Protocolthat has been incorporated in recent contribution agreements signed with CIC.

Download the Official CIC Letter

Download a copy of the official CIC letter (PDF format), which was provided to recent attendees at the 2008 ISAP Conference in Ontario.

You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

Schedule 4 of the contribution agreement states:

The Parties to this Contribution Agreement agree that:

  1. There will be periodic announcements, through public events, press releases and/or other mechanisms, regarding the funding and outcomes of the project.
  2. The parties will undertake to consult with each other in order to jointly plan external communications activities related to this Contribution Agreement, and that the Government of Canada must approve external communications plans and timing of public announcements and events.
  3. The timing of public announcements and events shall be sufficient to allow for all orders of government to plan their involvement. The parties shall provide a minimum of 40 days notice of a public event, such as a launch or open house, to which the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and respective representatives of other levels of government will be invited. The signatories to this agreement agree to provide a list of possible dates for announcements and events, in order to ensure an opportunity for the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada or his or her delegated representative to attend the event.

If your agency is planning a public event that would include either the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, other elected representatives or the media, you need to contact your CIC settlement officer as soon as possible. Your settlement officer will notify CIC's communications team, which will evaluate the event and determine whether we need to develop a joint approach to external communications.

Notifying CIC of important events and new initiatives can increase the visibility of your programs within the community. Many events in the past have allowed the Minister for Citizenship and Immigration to be involved, which often generates a large amount of media coverage for settlement programs. These announcements and events raise awareness about the positive work you do to assist newcomers to Canada, and help build support in your community for your work.