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CMAS helps LINC Childminding programs achieve full compliance with the National LINC Childminding Requirements (NLCR).

Recommended Reading

CIC Communications Protocol - 2008
Recently, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) sent a letter to all agencies they fund, outlining a new Communications Protocol that has been incorporated in recent contribution agreements signed with CIC.
CMAS Newsletter - Keeping in Touch
Keeping In Touch is the CMAS Newsletter. The newsletter keeps those working with newcomer families in LINC childminding programs up to date with health, safety and childcare issues, as well as upcoming events and news from CMAS and LINC.
CMAS Support Documents
CMAS has produced a number of short, helpful support documents for childminding sites.
ISAP Occasional Child Care (OCC) Operations Manual
This Manual is designed to help ISAP]]: organizations implement an occasional child care (OCC) program. It begins with an Introduction to OCC that will help agency staff understand child care and the risks associated with providing OCC - October 2007.
Local CIC Offices Across Ontario
As of March, 2008, most of the ISAP, LINC and Host program administration has moved from one centralized Toronto office to nine regional offices.
Operating an Occasional Child Care Program in ISAP
These three documents will help ISAP: Administrators better understand what occasional child care is, the requirements for setting such care up, and how to operate an occasional child care program, if you choose to implement one.
SNAP Vol. 4 / #2 - Spring 2008 - Doing the Legwork to Setting Up Successful Infant Room
Developing a physical space that meets the needs of children, parents, childminders and other staff is quite a challenge.
SNAP Vol. 4 / #2 - Spring 2008 - Settlement Delivery Expansion: Transition Almost Complete
As reported last July in SNAP, the administration of CIC's Settlement Programs was to be moved into local CICs across Ontario. The transition is almost complete!

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Childminding Monitoring Advisory and Support (CMAS)
CMAS helps LINC Childminding programs achieve full compliance with the National LINC Childminding Requirements (NLCR).

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