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Event #5

Refugee rights in Canada and expected legislative changes
The aim of this session is to better understand refugee issues in Canada and the direct impact that legislative changes will have on our refugee population.
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Loly Rico
Upon arrival in Canada, through her own experience as a refugee Loly became acutely aware of the situation of refugees in this part of the world. In 1991, she and Francisco founded the FCJ Hamilton House Refugee Project, with the invaluable support of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus. Loly has a deep understanding of what is involved in setting up a safe environment for a vulnerable group, one that invites them to rebuild a sense of self, and gives them tools to regain lost confidence. She is currently Co-Director of the Centre, and head of the settlement services programme.
Philip Ackerman
Research and Youth Network Coordinator at FCJ


  • Adnan Amin of North York Community House (NYCH) introduced the guest speakers, both from FCJ Refugee Centre:
  • Loly Rico (co-founder) and Philip Ackerman (research and youth network coordinator). FCJ’s other co-founder, Franciso Rico-Martinez, was unable to attend.

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