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Below is text you can use to send to potential speakers/facilitators for a CdnImm event.

Hello (NAME),

I would like to know if you could present at this CdnImm event I'm organising:


I would like to know if you can speak at this event, specifically about (topic area specifics), the (current practices and the program's next steps), as you are very familiar with (topic) and more importantly, you are also very interested in linking with other practitioners in the sector. Speaking about the challenges with (topic) and recommendations for the sector would be ideal.

The aim of this specific event is for participants to be able to better understand some of the current practices and challenges with (topic), and consider the options ahead to improve services for newcomers.

As you may know, CdnImm events (organised in collaboration with OCASI) are organised to bring together practitioners and experts in the immigration and settlement sector together to share knowledge, speak about challenges, and build collaborative links. More information is available on this page. These events is an opportunity for you and professionals at your organisation to connect with practitioners in the settlement sector (settlement workers, researchers/academics) with an interest in (topic) as well as link with other practitioners and experts to collaborate on common challenges.

I am looking to have a total of (3) presenters for this knowledge-sharing event. As I am still considering other prospective presenters on this topic, I would like to know if you have other presenters to recommend. I'm also contacting (name, org).

Would it be possible to have a confirmation by (date), end of day? I'll also need your bio for the registration page.

Many thanks,

(your name, title, organisation)