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How to get involved with organising a CdnImm event.

If you are in the immigration or settlement sector and want to organise a CdnImm session, past organisers can help make it easy, free, and high-value for you and your organisation.

Why organise a CdnImm event

Organising a CdnImm event is a great way to:

  • bring together practitioners and subject-matter experts;
  • expand your network;
  • learn insight on a particular topic;
  • gain valuable knowledge on a topic new to you;
  • get valuable feedback on a plan, project or proposal for the sector.

Instead of organising another meeting and inviting practitioners to speak to you and your group or organisation on a topic, you can organise a CdnImm event and benefit from:

  • better more thoughtful presentations given to a bigger group of attendees;
  • developing links between your group and fellow like-minded professionals in the sector.

Organising a CdnImm event

Step Description Output
1 Topic selection
  • Decide on an immigration or settlement-related topic you want to learn about or share information about. Feel free to review past events for ideas.
  • Write up the session Topic and Aim ("attendees will learn how to...")
    • Topic: What the subject area is. Example: Service delivery, refugee rights, partnerships and networks.
    • Aim: What the aim of the event is. Hopefully not to just "inform about topic", but more concrete, such as: attendees will learn about some of the effective networks in the sector, learn about the challenges of coordinating service delivery, or learn the common practices with providing information & referral to clients.
Write up the Topic and Aim.
2 Location booking
  • Decide on one or two possible bookings for the event;
    • For help with booking, email Jasmine with your date preferences. We have several free options in and near downtown Toronto.
Date and location for the event
3 Speaker / Facilitators booking
  • After setting a date and location, approach prospective speakers or facilitators for the session and confirm at least 1 speaker
    • Feel free to use this text to invite speakers
  • For help with finding speakers, email Jasmine or ask on Twitter (use the #CdnImm hashtag)
At least 1 confirmed speaker with bio
4 Registration page with event information

A registration page for the event helps with:

  • providing information about the event;
  • giving you an idea of the number of attendees;
  • helps remind attendees about the event with important information like the address;
  • helps make it easier to email all attendees, before and after the event.

Several online event registration pages are available. CdnImm events typically use Eventbrite, which is free to use. We can help set it up for you (email

Refer to past registration pages for other examples.

Registration page is setup.

5 Promotion & outreach
  • Promote the event to your networks. Invite as many as you like, but please make sure all attendees (even speakers) are registered on the registration page to keep count of all attendees.
    • Feel free to use this text to invite attendees to the event.
  • Be sure to promote on Twitter and use the hashtag "#CdnImm";
  • Post the event on Settlement At Work where it will also be included on a mailing list of almost 2000 subscribers in the settlement sector as well as tweeted out;
  • Confirm the remaining speakers.
Event is posted on Settlement At Work,
6 Prepare for the event
  • Arrive early, set up the room. Perhaps also: print out nametags, a sign-up sheet for unregistered attendees (to be added to the mailing list), set up an information table for materials, get water for the speakers
Event is held.

Other things you may consider

  • Invite Encouraging the use of Twitter with a Twitter wall




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