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Event #1

Event topic
Canadian Immigration: Theory & Practice: Connecting academics on immigration with practitioners in settlement. Sharing information to understand the sector and collaborating to improve services of integration.
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From @DBast, co-organiser:

Last week I co-organised a "#CdnImm" event, discussing knowledge-sharing among academics and settlement professionals in the settlement sector.

There were about 40 attendees: settlement professionals, academics/ researchers, government (city). I MC'd and presented, alongside @GregJohannson, graduate student at York University in the Centre for Refugee Studies.

The event was mainly to broaden an informal discussion Greg & Doug were going to have with each other, while establishing and strengthening this active online community of collaborators regularly sharing information on twitter.

You will notice in the photos:

  • Twitter wall, showing real-time posts on the #CdnImm hashtag
  • Information table, where attendees can just put whatever for sharing
  • Colored stickers: to facilitate linkages, attendees were asked to place a colored sticker depending if they are a settlement professional, academic or government worker

The aim of this event for me was to explore and discuss some ideas, get feedback, as well as expand my network and access of practitioners, experts and collaborators in the sector, to strengthen my capacity to support settlement professionals in the sector. Long-term, the aim is to establish and strengthen this online #CdnImm community offline: develop connections and linkages in the sector supportive of collaboration and sharing information, so that it's easier for all of us in the sector to get answers, stay current of changes, and collaborate to resolve challenges. Toronto is a great place to do that, given its immigration make-up, diversity, dearth of settlement services, coinciding presence of all levels of government, and concentration of academic studies.


Greg Johannson

Greg Johannson (@GregJohannson) is an academic actively engaged with sharing information about Refugee and Immigrant issues, complementing his studies at the Centre for Refugee Studies at York University. Greg also initiated the #CdnImm hashtag on Twitter late December 2011 which has now coalesced as a regular discussion across the country to share information, ask questions and link collaborators.

Greg will discuss "Understanding the immigration sector": What is commonly understood about immigration? How fast is the field changing? In what areas? Is it hard to keep up to speed? Is the information we have accurate? What are academics learning in the sector?

Douglas Bastien

Douglas Bastien (@DBast) is a collaborator and content manager on the Settlement At Work website, the knowledge hub for the settlement sector in Ontario.

Doug will talk about understanding the delivery of settlement services for newcomers and the potential for collaborating: what do we know in providing services to newcomers (immigrants & refugees)? How well do we know what we need to know to provide services? What are the challenges faced currently to staying up-to-date in the field? How can collaboration among settlement professionals and others (academics, government) help improve services?

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