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Event #2

The519 Community Centre
Thursday, May 3, 2012 from 1:45 PM to 7:00 PM


Event topic
Social media/networks/services for newcomers - focus on employment

You already know how important employment is in the settlement process for newcomers to Canada. But, just where are they getting their employment information, how good is it, and what are their outcomes related to information sources? What's your role? What are you doing? Can you do it better? How can we learn from each other to work towards better employment outcomes? How can technology help (hint: your clients are better at using it than you are)?

Diane and Marco hosted an interactive session focused on things we already know and are learning about but, more importantly, what people in the room know and are doing. They facilitated a dialogue sharing some cool, innovative or impactful thing you're doing and with new ideas and information to take back to your organization.


Summary from @marcopolis:


Marco Campana

Marco Campana’s work has spanned numerous non-profit sectors, including newcomer settlement, employment, information and referral and community-based Internet projects. He currently helps Maytree staff harness the potential of web and social media in their project work. Before joining Maytree as a Communications Strategist, Marco worked as a website content coordinator and, more recently, provided social media training and support for the settlement sector in Ontario. He has used online tools to provide information, service and connection to newcomers to Ontario, and to those who serve them. He has found that technology is valuable when it is connected and serves to enhance our daily work. Marco tweets @marcopolis.

Diane Dyson

Diane Dyson is a social activist, researcher and blogger interested in issues of neighbourhoods, schooling, and poverty. She is currently Director, Research & Public Policy at WoodGreen Community Services, a large neighbourhood-based multiservice agency in east end Toronto which has served immigrants in the community for decades. Through this, Diane has led the Toronto East Local Immigration Partnership for the past two years. Prior to this, Diane worked at United Way of Toronto as a research analyst/allocation manager. Diane has been an enthusiastic and early adopter of social media and spends too much time convincing other grey-hairs how useful it is. She is currently releasing a report on newcomers' participation in the informal economy through a grant from the Wellesley Foundation. Diane blogs at Belonging Community and tweets at @Diane_Dyson.


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