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#CdnImm: Canadian Immigration

With the growth of popularity of the "#CdnImm" hashtag on Twitter, a community has coalesced online to share and discuss timely and relevant topics and information about Canadian immigration. These informal #CdnImm events help to form this community of online collaborators, to promote connections, encourage further sharing of information, and expand the community of collaborators. Taking place regularly, the events seek to broaden the important discussions happening in the sector as well as increase and strengthen the bonds between collaborators to improve our understanding of the sector and to improve services.

The #CdnImm hashtag was initiated by @gregjohannson and @marcopolis late December 2011 on twitter, in a discussion about what hashtag to settle on to share links on the topic of Canadian Immigration. This is a link to the original tweet.

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The results of the #CdnImm survey are available for download below. Thank you to the 60 people who completed the survey. The feedback provided will help guide the direction of future events.

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