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Information about counselling models and techniques in specific areas, such as cross-cultural, employment and vocational, health (including mental health), housing, financial/budgeting, legal and more.

Recommended Reading

  • Culturally Responsive Career Counselling
    The increasing diversity in our major cities requires that career counsellors develop and continue to acquire competencies in working with a multicultural population. This article offers some things to keep in mind as we try to help newcomer clients.
  • Helping New Canadians Interview Successfully
    New Canadians face big challenges in securing employment. Career counsellors can help but it means being clear and honest with candidates on matters that are sometimes uncomfortable to discuss.
  • Immigration and Health
    This report reviews research on the health of Canadian immigrants and discusses the implications of this research for policy makers - September, 2001.
  • Social, Economic and Demographic Profile: Hispanic Community
    This study provides an overview of the settlement situation of the Hispanic community in Metro Toronto and consists of three sections: Learning From Our Past, Trends in the Hispanic Community and Towards an Integrated Settlement Model - April 2000.

Related Web Sites

  • Health Promotion 101
    This course is intended for any and all health promoters in Ontario. The course is structured in 9 modules and arranged into 3 sections.
  • Resources Exist for Networking and Training (RENT)
    Seeks to build the capacity of the housing help sector in Toronto by providing a peer-based training program in which networking is a key component and coordination of resource development a priority.

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