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A gateway to documents and discussions related important issues in the Immigration and Refugee Sector.

Computerization of the Sector

Documents related to the computerization project for LINC, ISAP and HOST agencies.

ISAP Program Review

This Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP) program review focussed on the needs and experiences of newcomers to Canada, on the planning, delivery, and evaluation of settlement services in Ontario, and on necessary changes and/or improvements to ISAP.

Settlement Service Standards

There are many groups trying to work on "best practices" and "models" for the the Settlement Sector. We have tried to gather some of the documents written on this issue.

Legislation and Policies

Changing government legislation, new governments, funder relations. Understand and learn how all of these as they affect your organization and how you can strategize to respond.

Contribution Accountability Framework

CAF is an initiative aimed at enhancing the accountability of CIC's contribution programs by analyzing service delivery and evaluating the effectiveness of settlement and resettlement programs.